Avi Flombaum

Teacher, Coder, Builder, Musician

Life should be a wonderful adventure. Experience everything this world has to offer. I love you.

Shalom and Welcome!

I'm a programmer from NYC that has been obsessed with the internet and new media since 1994. I dropped out of college at 20 to work at a hedge fund and a few years later started my first company, Designer Pages. Around 2010 I started teaching people how to code, mentoring them, and connecting them with jobs and that snowballed into Flatiron School. Just about 10 years later, Flatiron School has helped over 5,000 people transition their career into code.

I'm excited about college alternatives, real-time interactive media, personal coaching and automated accountability, Bitcoin and my partner Grace. I would love to hear about what gets you going.

I'm legit, I've been in all these publications (and more)!